Masss mailing Solution in Linux with PHPList

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Bulk Mailing solutions using DKIMPHPList

phpList is one of the most popular open source bulk mailing interface that has a capability of sending mails, newsletters, news, messages to a huge number of subscribers. It provides a user friendly interface where you can manage mails, newsletter, subscriptions lists, newsletter reports, notification and much more.


Requirement of phpList

In order to install PhPlist application we require:
  • GNU/Linux operating system
  • Apache web server<./li>
  • PHP version 4.3 or higher
  • PHP Imap Module
  • MySQL server version 4.0 or higher

Production Environment

  • Operating System –CentOS 6.4 & Ubuntu 13.04
  • IBM M4-3650 with 32 GB RAM
  • Apache –2.15
  • PHP –5.3
  • MySQL –1.71
  • phpList –0.5

Features of phpList

  • phpList is great for newsletters, notifications and many other uses. It is capable of managing large number of mailing list subscribers. It even works well with small list too.
  • Phplist web interface allows you to write, send messages and manage the phplist over the internet. However it keeps on sending messages even though your system is turned off.
  • The templates are fully customizable and can be integrated with several website.
  • Keep a track of number of users opened your email message.
  • With the help of FCKeditor and (TinyMCE) editors you can edit HTML messages. You can give a choice between text or html email message to your subscribers.
  • It delivers the message in a queue so that each and every subscriber gets the message. It also ensures that they do not receive two copies even they’re subscribed to several list.
  • Subscriber’s Attributes such as name. country etc. can be personalized, that means you can specify the important information that you need from the users at the time of subscription.
  • User Management tools are good to maintain as well as manage huge databases of subscribers.
  • Throttling can limit the load on your server so it doesn’t overload.
  • Schedule sending allows you to schedule your message as on when the message is to be sent. RSS, feeds can be automatically sent to a mailing list weekly, daily, or monthly.
  • Phplist is presently available in English, French, Portuguese,  Spanish, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Vietname and Japanese. Work Translation for other languages in still in progress.



Bugged For this implementation

  • Hardware installation
  • Controller installation
  • Redundancy implementation (NIC teaming )
  • High availability implementation (HA Cluster)
  • Linux (Centos ) installation
  • Apache installation
  • PHP installation
  • Database (Mysql) installation
  • PHPlist installation
  • Security and bug pixies installation
  • DKIM implementation
  • SPF implementation
  • CNAME,A,PTR record implementation
  • PHPlist basic administration guide
  • MTA tuning
  • Configure Networking (TCP/IP)
  • Vmware Implementation
  • VM creation
  • VM Backup (NAS)
  • Firewall Implementation
  • Note: Postfix Or Qmail will use for sending mail to remote server,

    Module tuning is depend on client need who many mails will out per hours

    And average message size.