How to manage Zimbra server

How to manage Zimbra server

How to manage Zimbra server


There are two type of Zimbra server installation

1) Single Server Mode        2) Multi Server Mode

Single Server mode:: In this mode All Application services installed on Single server, you have no Server dependency and no Load balancing. you can use this installation small scale business, where your pick throughput of mails approx. 25000 message per Hour. if mail throughput more then 25000/hour the split your server roles into multi server deployment.


Installed Role

#[zimbra@Host1.knowledgelinux ~]$ zmcontrol status
amavis                  Running
antispam                Running
antivirus               Running
dnscache                Running
ldap                    Running
logger                  Running
mailbox                 Running
memcached               Running
mta                     Running
opendkim                Running
service webapp          Running
snmp                    Running
spell                   Running
stats                   Running
zimbra webapp           Running
zimbraAdmin webapp      Running
zimlet webapp           Running
zmconfigd               Running

Multi Server Mode:: In Multi Server mode installation all ZCS services installed in split instance. you can also create multi instance per Role. With this method you can get Load balancing as well as Data protection and speed up process.there are two method to deployed ZCS in multi mode installation.

1) Large Scale Deployment               2) Large Scale with LB & DP Deployment

Large Scale Deployment  

Normally We create 4 instance for multi server deployment as per ZCS Roles
<pre? a) MTA Role b) Mailstore Role c) LDAP Role d) Proxy Role

If you deployed these four instance in your environment then you can get more throughput as well as fast accessibility in User Side. but you can’t promise to user to provide 0 Down time.because you have done boost-up your service but not configure dependency. if any of the given server goes down then user can’t access zimbra services.


Large Scale with LB & DP Deployment:: In this type of Server deployment we can achieve LB And DP <Load balancing and Data protection>but it is Cost effective. the best solution is deploy zimbra in Vmware hypervisor to get low costing in term of hardware as well as get clustering and HA,DRS features. <zimbra is not support RHEL Cluster> Normally We create 7 instance for multi server with ( LB & DP ) deployment  as per ZCS Roles

a) MTA Role {MTA1,MTA2} in Load balanced & redendent Mode   <Provide 0 Down Time>

b) Mailstore Role {Mailstore} no Load balanced & no redendent Mode

c) LDAP Role {Master ldap, Slave ldap} n Load balanced & redendent Mode   <Provide 0 Down Time>

d) Proxy Role {proxy1, Proxy2} n Load balanced & redendent Mode   <Provide 0 Down Time>