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    Zimbra Having Own mail send program if Mail command not work.


  • Get User Quota is also more easy to run command Mailstore wise. this method get fast output of zimbra disk usage ,

    #zimbra gqu mailstore.knowledgelinux.com >/tmp/mailstore1_Qouta_usage_report.txt

    If you have more then 1 mail store server in your zimbra environment, then same command multiple time , on same mailstore server or individuals mailstore server,

    #zimbra gqu mailstore1.knowledgelinux.com >/tmp/mailstore1_Qouta_usage_report.txt
    #zimbra gqu mailstore2.knowledgelinux.com >/tmp/mailstore1_Qouta_usage_report.txt
    #zimbra gqu mailstore3.knowledgelinux.com >/tmp/mailstore1_Qouta_usage_report.txt
    #zimbra gqu mailstore4.knowledgelinux.com >/tmp/mailstore1_Qouta_usage_report.txt

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