zimbra prerequisite

zimbra prerequisite When you run the install script then Zimbra installation verifies that the correct prerequisite packages are installed. • Zimbra Core installs the libraries, utilities, and monitoring tools. • Zimbra LDAP installs the OpenLDAP software, an open source LDAP directory services. • Zimbra MTA installs the Postfix open source […]

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Backup Zimbra to NAS

Backup Zimbra to NAS NFS shared access method in Linux server Backup Zimbra to NAS,backup zimbra open source Command to check how many LUNs offered from NAS to particular Linux server. If NAS ip is #showmount -e Get such a below output Export list for /raid0/data/zimbra Command […]

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how to backup LDAP Server in linux

How to backup LDAP Server in linux

How to backup LDAP Server in linux  LDAP सर्वर बैकअप First of all  install ldap client tools. in your machine #yum install ldap Now Use below scripts to take complete backup of ldap server database. #!/bin/bash datestamp=`date +%Y%m%d` filename=”/backup/ldap/dump.$datestamp.ldif” #echo $filename /usr/local/openldap/bin/ldapsearch -x -h -D “cn=root,ou=QMAIL-LDAP” -w “passwordn” -b […]

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