CakePHP is open source PHP framework built with (MVC) Model-View-Controller .

Model: Manage data. It stores and retrieves from the database.

View: It is displaying the data provided by the model in a given format.

Controller: Handles the model.

Installation Steps.
first install web server and PHP compiler

#yum install php http

Download CakePHP with below link in htdocs of your web site.

#cd /var/www/html/CakePHP
#unzip  2.3.x…version
#/bin/mv 2.3.x…version CakePHP
Set permission
#chmod -R 775 2.3.x…version/app/tmp
#chmod -R apache.apache 2.3.x…version/

Open app/Config/core.php and replace Security.salt and Security.cipherSeed key

cd 2.3.x…version
vim app/Config/core.php

Configure Database Connection settings.

cp app/Config/databse.php.defaults app/Config/databse.php

Edit databse.php file configure database settings, Hostname, dbname, user, password
look below
database parameter
Now you can view the default page of CakePHP in Url.